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Car Map Light Dimmer

So you can see!
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As a driver one of the most distracting things is when someone in the car turns on a Map or reading light while driving at night. They are so bright they make it very hard to see the road.

I propose a dimmer knob just like you have for the dash indicator lamps. This would permit the user of the light to adjust the light for the task at hand without creating excess glare for the driver.

jhomrighaus, May 20 2007

(?) map light http://rallynuts.co..._Maplights_1340.asp
words of wisdom - if you get the orange lense DO NOT highlight in orange, it becomes invisible and you feel very silly [rbl, May 20 2007]

this guy is working on something... http://www.odyclub....led/gloveboxled.htm
[xandram, May 22 2007]

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       Why the Bone?
jhomrighaus, May 20 2007

       Someone hates you, I guess.   

       Or you could do what we've done - had reading lights installed in the back, directional lights on snakes. No distraction to the driver. However, a dimmer seems reasonable, so I'll nix that fishbone.   

       As far as maps go, we've been experimenting with those GPS navigation systems - very clever, or at least they are when they don't die in the middle of the trip because the recharger's not working.
DrCurry, May 20 2007

       haven't tried one yet though i might get one for my wife who is always getting lost even with directions.   

       Ive had good luck with the online directions from Google or Mapquest.
jhomrighaus, May 20 2007

       Illegal to run with those things turned on here in California, although I've never seen it enforced.   

       I'm all for a dimmer, and the directionals are a great idea, probably stock now on the upper end cars.   

       I'd also like a red filter option, so as not to screw up the night vision any worse.
normzone, May 20 2007

       This is baked. It's called the brightness button on your GPS screen.
kinemojo, May 20 2007

       // This is baked. It's called the brightness button on your GPS screen.//   

       Did you read the idea?   

       This idea is most definitely;   

       A) not an idea about GPS units   

       B) not an idea about the brightness of GPS units screens.   

       C) not an option on any car I have ever seen(and Ive seen many many cars)   

       That would mean it is not Baked, Halfbaked or even lightly toasted.   

       This is an idea about those little lights found over every seat in most cars that are turned on with a switch next to the light(or even a part of the light itself). They are routinely called map or reading lights and were more often used for reading maps in the past though less so these days and are also often used by passengers to read books, play games or find lost items they have dropped.   

       Please tell me you didn't Bone an idea you didn't even read or understand.
jhomrighaus, May 20 2007

po, May 20 2007

       My chauffeur informs me that my automobile has such a device, but I'm afraid I'm ignorant of the manufacturer of the vehicle.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 20 2007

po, May 21 2007

       There is a tiny light inside my glovebox that goes on when opened and is perfect for map reading.
xandram, May 22 2007

       I was inside the world's poshest mercedes taxi ever in Germany once. All the lights had dimmer switches (Front and back). (As well as seat heating settings, vibrating settings, electronic position adjustment... I felt like I had stepped into a mobile health Spa.)   

       Still, a good idea, not widely baked.
TheLightsAreOnBut, May 22 2007

theleopard, May 22 2007


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