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Carpenters Wall Jack

Used to lift walls into place with 2 or less people, Made of steel with a winch.
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A carpenter or contractor with a small crew will often finds himself in the position where, after framing and boarding in a wall, it is too heavy for them to lift and nail in place. There is a need for a device that can wench a wall into place and hold it while they toe nail it secure. This will save the contractor time and money as a smaller crew could do the work in just as quick a time or possibly less time. It would save larger contractors money by one or two people doing the job of several, while the rest of the crew could be working on other areas of the job and finishing it quicker.
Darlene Baillie, May 19 2004

This what you're suggesting? http://www.tomplac....anglais/tomplac.htm
maybe something similar for vertical walls? [WYBloke, Oct 21 2004]

Mighty Man Wall Lift http://www.walllift.com/
I think this is closer to what the author intends. Allows one carpenter to frame and clad a wall on a flat deck, then erect it by him(her)self in just minutes without assistance. [jurist, Oct 21 2004]


       Have you a proposal for the design of this device?
Gromit, May 19 2004

       I'm not sure that wenching walls in to place is allowed under modern human rights/place of work legislation. There is a device for lifting plasterboard in to place so that a single dry-waller can fix it in place without resting it on their head. (see link)
WYBloke, May 19 2004

       The only way this would be easier is if you could hammer and wench at the same time.
dpsyplc, May 23 2004

       "Winch", I think (see idea summary).
angel, May 24 2004

       I think if someone got creative with a garage door opener you rig one up fairly easily.
Spare parts, Jul 03 2004


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