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Carry-All Pad

A pad for your shoulders and chest when carrying heavy stuff.
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I garnered a bit of a reputation the last student set I was on for carrying heavy stuff, made more impressive by the fact that I'm fairly skinny. It's not that I'm stronger than anybody else, it's just my carry technique--I lift with my knees and carry everything over my center of gravity. The only point of contention is the pressure of the objects on my shoulder, collarbone, and sometimes pecs--for example, dolly track on my shoulder or a nest of c-stands against my chest and shoulder.

Obviously the answer would be to have a pad on hand similar in shape to a life- jacket, that would soften and disperse the pressure on the aforementioned points.

Eugene, Nov 24 2005

C-Stand http://shop.store.y...s/cstan40doubr.html
These can be nested. When one grabs the entire assembly by the larger leg(s), the other two legs stabilize against your hips for carrying the entire nest. [Eugene, Nov 24 2005]

Lifting Shelf-Belt Lifting_20Shelf-Belt
I want one of these, too. [Eugene, Nov 24 2005]

Labor #11 http://www.mythweb....ercules/herc16.html
Hercules dupes Atlas by telling him he is making a shoulderpad that will help him bear the weight of the sky. [bungston, Nov 27 2005]

Hockey Chest Pads http://www.midwests...ey/HKchest_pads.htm
Sounds very similar to one of these designs used by hockey goalies. Take your pick according to the range of movement you want. [jurist, Nov 28 2005]

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       What? No annos whatsoever? I know it's disgustingly simple, but I've not encountered a way that it's baked or a place to buy it.
Eugene, Nov 25 2005

       Yeah I used to be known for being able to walk around with rolls of carpet that were over twice my body weight.
Word to the wise, that kind of showmanshit will compress your vertebrae, stretch tendons, overdevelop muscles that your other muscles can't compensate for and generally cause you more constant pain than you'd believe. When your back goes, so does the fun. Believe it.

       Not that it is a bad idea.   

       I don't think I'm carrying quite that much weight. Not that twice my body weight is that much anyway.
Eugene, Nov 26 2005

       "What? No annos whatsoever?" - hey, it's real slow here around holidays, you should know that by now.
DrCurry, Nov 26 2005

       Oh right.   

       I just didn't want to be too blatant about bumping my so-called idea back to the front page, that's all.
Eugene, Nov 26 2005

       Yeah, I think I'm going to post a noanno. I know, it's tough when you post when most bakers are dormant.   

       Is this preheated in science fiction, where exoskeletons enable load carrying beyond normal limits?   

       Produce a prototype, and as a guy who is very conservative in his bodily abuse, I'll be happy to test it for you.
normzone, Nov 26 2005

       I didn't want to wait until I'd forgotten about it.
Eugene, Nov 26 2005

       This is a fine idea, in the same way that fire and the wheel are fine ideas. No doubt it was sentiments such as these that led to the invention of the backpack.   

       Linked is an episode from the Labors of Hercules in which Hercules asks Atlas to take back the sky while Hercules makes himself a pad such as you describe [Eugene].
bungston, Nov 27 2005

       The simplest ideas are often the best. Perhaps not in this case.
Eugene, Nov 28 2005

       [Jurist] Too much trouble to put on and take off. I'm not looking to wear this thing all the time.
Eugene, Nov 28 2005


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