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Cat Buckaroo

A game for all the family and their cat
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The magical art of placing various objects on a sleeping cat and seeing who can get the most on before the cat wakes up in a disgruntled mood and slouches off.
sufc, Mar 23 2003


       YAY! that gets a croissant.
dumpstergirl, Mar 23 2003

       It might work better with a dog, as they tend to sleep more heavily, and so offer greater scope for variety of objects. A croissant, placed ever-so-gently across kitty's shoulders.
friendlyfire, Mar 23 2003

       my cats play the opposite. they see how many of them can sneak onto some part of my anatomy before I succumb to cramp and roll over. how is it that a 5lb cat can turn itself into a 200lb monster when you are asleep?
po, Mar 23 2003

       I once parked a car on a cat once....... I really don't think he noticed. At least he didn't move afterwards.
theThinker, Mar 23 2003

       It opens up the floor to all sorts of other cat-games - cat Twister (you're spreadeagled over the mat, and Hemmingway decides to curl up and go to sleep on your hand), cat Operation (take turns removing bits of Velcro from the sleeping cat, and whoever wakes it up loses) cat Kerplunk - the possibilities are nigh-limitless...
friendlyfire, Mar 23 2003

       Cat is talented at twitching his fuzzy wuzzy skin in his sleep without waking up - hee hee.
polartomato, Mar 23 2003

       So far, TheThinker has the edge - I'm guessing the car weighed a ton(ne)
thumbwax, Mar 23 2003

       I was doing my best to ignore that, thumb.
po, Mar 23 2003

The Kat, Mar 23 2003

       One down, eight to go.   

       While I wouldn't like to see a car fatally placed on a cat thus, I _really_ don't want to meet the cat that could shrug off a car...
friendlyfire, Mar 24 2003

       Well this made me laugh out loud so it definitely deserves a bun. I think I could fit half of my possessions on the cat that lives with me.. Milo is a 9.5 kilo monster cat!
madradish, Mar 24 2003

       Hehe – use jenga blocks and see how high a structure you can build on the cat.
Shz, Mar 24 2003

       [friendlyfire] //It might work better with a dog// ...How many dogs do you think you could get on a cat before it woke up?
Cedar Park, Mar 24 2003

       After I do the laundry I often pile my socks on Fudge. She doesn't care. She just lies there and thinks 'What? Like I have nothing better to do than play along with your stupid games. Get outa my office.'
sambwiches, Mar 24 2003

       Even in its old age, you couldn't even move a hair on our sleeping Brittney spaniel without getting an immediate reaction. Dog absolutely despised flies, and would snap at them or anything that felt like it might be a fly.
RayfordSteele, Mar 25 2003

       get ALOT of those big littlekiddie legos and see how big of a tower you can build around the cat before it wakes up.   

       i really like this ideeyer.
sbEr_X, Feb 09 2004

       By the name Buckaroo you'd think there would be some bucking involved. Can you surprise the object-laden sleeping cat so that objects fly pell-mell into the air when they are rudely roused? The player who catches the most objects mid-air would win the round.   

       Poor kitty. <pets kitty>
k_sra, Feb 09 2004


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