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Cat's Schrödinger

It's time the tables were reversed.
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Unnoticed, a cat
Curls up in a box and sleeps
Beyond, the world ends?
zen_tom, Sep 01 2021


       smug cat in a box
so solipsistic until
the box is destroyed
hippo, Sep 01 2021

       Somewhere a bell rings.
No human hand has rung it.
There is no dog to drool.

       Schrödinger is ill;
he forgot to put the vial
inside the cat box.
pocmloc, Sep 01 2021

       Tom cat, its name
Zen, the discipline,its game
playing dead in that box
xandram, Sep 01 2021

       Cat develops biological resistance to contents and effects of vial. Cat is now un-killable.
(My haiku skills are sorely lacking...)
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 01 2021

       Play dice, Cat does not   

       With Schroedinger it agrees…   

       And perhaps also not
Frankx, Sep 02 2021

       Old guy. Mem'ry fails.
Where is kitty? Stares at box.
Dare he look inside?
DrBob, Sep 02 2021

       Experiment left   

       Long forgotten in the lab   

       Oh my! What’s that smell?
Frankx, Sep 02 2021

       Erwin S is sure,   

       The Halfbakery is not,   

       The smug cat just…is.
AusCan531, Sep 02 2021

       Lifting the box lid
Schrodinger sees just a smile.
Cheshire Cat alive?
RayfordSteele, Sep 03 2021

       howdy stranger.
po, Sep 03 2021


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