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Ceiling Cart

Service cart on airliner attached to the ceiling
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Instead of pushing it along the floor, the flight attendants push the cart suspended from tracks in the ceiling. A balanced arm mechanism allows them to pull it down to access items near the top of the cart, and push it up if anyone wants to duck underneath. It prevents bashed-in knees and stranded passengers who can’t get back to their seats.
AO, Apr 19 2004


       Alternatively, there could be springy ceiling ropes that passengers could use to hurdle over the server's cart.
phundug, Apr 19 2004

       Very good idea.
cromagnon, Apr 19 2004

       Smashing. (+)   

       Makes sense - low pressure, oxygen masks down - low blood sugar levels, food cart down.
FarmerJohn, Apr 19 2004

       Either that or put a bridge over the stupid thing. The cart is the single most used yet primitive thing onboard.
ldischler, Apr 19 2004

       This requires some kind if rail at the ceiling. Once you have that you don't need the cart any more. Instead mount some kind of conveyor belt system with clip on hooks. The kitchen clips on a bag with the meal and it moves around the cabin until someone grabs it. To avoid confusion bags could be color coded red/white/green/brown for beef/chicken/vegetarian/barf. Should work fine for tourist class.
kbecker, Apr 19 2004

       Am I late for the tourist class? I agree with revolving track idea. Read and snatch, makes steward(esse)s jobs easier and funner. One single cart hovering over me filled with opened pop cans and fruit juices doesn't inspire confidence, although I'd love to see it. Especially if the stewards also walked on the ceiling. (+)
k_sra, Apr 21 2004

       Love it+
theircompetitor, Apr 21 2004

       What if the food service started at the apex of a steep climb and then started during a rapid descent? The controlled relative weightlessness could allow for easy distribution of sealed food containers and passengers "Floating" to the bathroom. Eating could take place after "leveling" out and gravity is restored.
daverge, Apr 21 2004

       At first I thought this was for crowded supermarkets. But your application is much better. The supermarket way might be useful too..
ghillie, Apr 21 2004

       Southwest Airlines has no cart at all. Attendants come and take your order and return with the order on a tray, just like a restaurant. Works very well and it's at least as fast if not faster than the cart method.
bristolz, Apr 21 2004

       Wow, I love it. +
sartep, Apr 22 2004

       The tracks do pose one problem: currently on steep descent, the cart hits the stewardess' toes and causes her mild pain. In such a situation with a ceiling cart, I see multiple concussions. More entertaining than the in-flight movie. Put a parking break on the cart and the problem's solved.
imagine002, Apr 22 2004

       I don't understand? In first class the isles are wide enough for a cart and a person to move freely. But then again who would eat food from a cart? Tourist class? Isn't that like the baggage area? Oh, 11:15. Time for my mid-morning massage.   

Bamboo, Apr 23 2004


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