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Celebrity Geotracker

Track celebrities' movement using the Web
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So nearly everyone has had one of these moments when you bump into a celebrity. Bill Murray and I waited for our luggage together in LAX, for example. As entertaining as that is, the Internet allows us to turn these random encounters into a whole new way of "appreciating" celebrities lives.

Here's the idea: a site that allows people who have had celebrity sightings to enter the information about those sightings (when, where, who, what was happening, maybe a picture) into a centralized database. Then, as the famous move around the world, their movements can be followed by all of their adoring fans. If the locations are specific enough, then maps can be generated showing not just where the signtings happened, but--using the time data--the trajectories of the movement. Groups of celebs can be linked, so that I can--for example--follow all of the members of U2 on a single map as they travel the world in between tours.

Um, yes, this could be construed as a tool to help stalkers, but so are Star Maps and they seem to have not lost their popularity in 100 years.

bobbv, Jul 04 2003

Only 288 bucks http://www.celebritystalker.com/
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

Stalk-R-Us Celebrity Locator http://www.porcinefund.com/stalkrus/
This service exists. The Stalk-R-Us Celebrity locator service is venture funded by The Porcine Fund. [fmporcinefund, Oct 04 2004]


       I'm not sure that the "Star Maps are harmless" defence is going to be much help to you - the maps show you where famous people live. And famous people tend to live in big houses that are surrounded by high walls, security camers and great big hungry dogs. The device proposed is rather more invasive - it would make it far easier to stalk a famous person (though why you would want to is beyond me), knowing where they go and when.   

       Still, moral qualms aside, it may be even easier to plot the behaviours of "stars" by refence to the "spotted" pages of celebrity magazines like Heat (not that I read it of cou- OK, so I read it). These pages just list in a raw data style who was spotted and where and how much like a mad clown they were dressed*.   

       Alternatively, befriend a paparazzo.   

       *This third item is reserved solely for sightings of Helena Bonham Carter.
my face your, Jul 04 2003

       Stars need space. Sorry.
thumbwax, Jul 04 2003

       Except those binary stars.
bristolz, Jul 04 2003

       Like the Watchers in the “Highlander” series?
Shz, Jul 04 2003

       I want a Celebrity Geoduck Tracker. I want to know where my famous seafood is at all times!
Cedar Park, Jul 05 2003

       Well, it's too late now, but apparently Esther Rantzen as well as Richard and Judy Finnegan were in Henley for the Regatta today, so some folk on my boat side. Whazzat? Oh, *celebrities*.
PeterSilly, Jul 05 2003

       Thanks toejam. Too bad it's Robin Williams. Not that he isn't funny, just that if I were going to stalk someone he wouldn't be my first choice.
thecat, Jul 05 2003

       [toejam] Yeah, he went into a record shop on Columbia and bought a bunch of designer clothing. I learnt about this on a local message board, and when others read it, they all chirped in with their sightings too. So in a way, this is baked. One just has to know, or stumble upon, where to look.   

       Centralizing this process is a good idea. Well, if you're a creep that is.   

       I'm going to bun you, even if this is for creeps. It'd make their lives easier, certainly! Just because I don't like creeps doesn't mean I should discriminate against them. Or worse, deprive them of the right to efficiently stalk people. Bravo, I say.
rapid transit, Jul 06 2003

       This has been partially Baked in Viz magazine in the UK. Readers in the 'Letterbocks' section are invite to update the Rory McGrathwatch page with new sightings of the bearded wonder.
No link on the Viz website unfortunately.
I suppose the only difference is that they are not using the Web and the quality of the "celebrity".
gnomethang, Jul 07 2003

       [bobby], let's set this tracker on you 24/7 and see how you like it... -
saker, Jul 07 2003

       Is he a celebrity then?
PeterSilly, Jul 07 2003

       I'm not sure how much use my sighting of Stephen Hawking in the Little Chef at Forton services on the M6 will be.
oneoffdave, Jul 07 2003

       [oneoffdave] - How can you be sure it was him, and what was he driving?
gnomethang, Jul 07 2003

       I saw Jimmy White on Saturday at Euston. With cue. I also witnessed him let out a fairly mighty belch.
sild, Jul 07 2003

       [gnomethang] - Because we exchanged pleasantries as our wheelchairs blocked the access to said Little Chef. At the time he was driving a Vessa kerb-climbing power chair. He'd left his car in the car-park, as had I.
oneoffdave, Jul 07 2003

       Ye Gods and Little Fishes, "Chair Envy" now ....... <sigh>
8th of 7, Jul 07 2003

       Oh yes, [8th], just go to NAIDEX or one of the other big mobility shows and watch the looks of desire at the latest shiniest models, and the chairs too.
oneoffdave, Jul 08 2003

       I’m rather surprised that some enterprising celeb hasn’t baked a version of this themselves. Just think of the easy money to be earned by setting up a subscription only fan sight that keeps track of your every movement by GPS and delivers regular updates to your adoring public. It might even have the side benefit of putting the paparazzi out of business if you employ your own journalist to run it and report on your every move. It sounds like a right little earner to me and I think that you should take immediate steps to protect your idea bobbv.

<miles off topic> //Chair Envy//
This is something that I’ve suffered from for a considerable number of years. Every time I see someone pootling down the street in an electric wheelchair, I think how nice it would be to have a motorised armchair, so that I can go down the shops without shifting my backside off of the furniture. If it had caterpillar tracks for all-terrain travel and an autopilot so that I can read my book whilst travelling then so much the better.</mot>
DrBob, Jul 08 2003

       "Offense" taken "bliss". Actually just b.s. noted. Waugs... got what she had coming. She has been quite quiet lately and I see you and po have taken up the slack.   

       As usual, you are not getting it. Probably purposefully. I was joking about the stalkers who pursue people they like not the ones who pursue the people they don't. With this in mind and considering ... I think you are safe.
thecat, Jul 11 2003


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