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Celebrity Zoo

Always wanted to meet your favorite celeb? Well, now you can.
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Everyone has a favorite celebrity that they want to meet. Lots of people who are still famous haven't gotten acting or singing jobs in ages, and want some money. People have money. Anyone else see a solution? Celebrites who have hit hard times can go to the Celebrity Zoo for a safe haven, and people with money can pay to go see them. It doesn't have to be bars and cages, just some plexiglas rooms with fancy stuff inside. Kinda like the primate cages at your local animal zoo. There can be special sections for One-Hit Wonders and Child Stars.
verobay, Jul 16 2004

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       your profile page - yeah, ok!   

       idea - not sure! but welcome anyhow!   

       I'd like to meet Stephen Hawking. His PA wrote to me once.
po, Jul 16 2004

       yes welcome. This idea is similar to some posted, but + none the less.   

       Profile Page : excellent. You may get offers!   

       // His PA wrote to me once // was Steve after a clarification prior to publication?
jonthegeologist, Jul 16 2004

       jon, I wrote to Stephen and I received a reply - Stephen relishes mail but it is difficult for him to answer...   

       I think he has to be my hero!
po, Jul 16 2004

       So Stephen's into the celeb zoo. Uh o, I feel a list developing.
jonthegeologist, Jul 16 2004

       The other side of this could be to lock up celebrities in cages then never have to see them on the telly again. Like Ainsley "fucking" Harriott for example.
hazel, Jul 16 2004

       jon - no idea what u ?   

       hazel, are you on the same pc?
po, Jul 16 2004

       No - same sofa, two PCs...
hazel, Jul 16 2004

       punky brewster... all the way!
daseva, Jul 16 2004

       have a choc, hazel! ex-boss brought me a box of M & S chocs today - those USians don't know what chocolate IS!
po, Jul 16 2004

       Oooooh choclit! Nice! Thanks.   

       They do have wierd chocolate over there.
hazel, Jul 16 2004

       Help! I'm a Celebrity in a Cage in a Zoo!. Get me outa Here!
[hazel] I had no idea that was his middle name. It all makes sense though.
gnomethang, Jul 16 2004

       //People have money//   

       Pay us a visit. You'll change your mind.
Pericles, Jul 17 2004

       I really like this idea. Sort of a physical version of "..." that reality TV show with the has beens that I can't think of the name of right now... "surreal life"? is that it.   

       And I'm NOT just saying that because of your profile! Really... ok, well maybe just a little.
James Newton, Jul 17 2004

       The Celebrity Zoo called television has been baked for years.
zen_tom, Jul 17 2004


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