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Charged Carburettor

or injectors or a seperate chamber altogether
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The fuel would be positively charged and the air would be negatively charged. When they mix, the fuel will distance itself from other fuel particles and the air will be attracted to it.

In an ideal situation, each fuel molecule would have the correct number of air molecules clinging to it by the time of combustion, increasing flame speed and reducing the unburnt exhaust.

If there were some way of having the harmful exhaust gases differently charged from the benign stuff, that would be great but is beyond my level of understanding of chemistry and just wishful thinking.

<aside>I love the name of this category, I'm surprised it doesn't include any ideas for the ambitions of the humble engine.</aside>

marklar, Mar 30 2008

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. [madness, Apr 04 2008]

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       If this somehow involves running a big Van de Graff generator in my car's intake system, I'm all for it, especially if it means I get to have it poking through a hole in a shaker hood.   

       As a further bonus, the generator is also part of the anti-theft system.   

       "...hmm, this is an unusual car. Maybe I'll steal it." <reaches for door handle> ZAPZAPZAP "...or not!"
elhigh, Apr 01 2008

       Wishful thinking, add ions.
ldischler, Apr 01 2008


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