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Cheap surveillance system

Connect camera to peep hole...
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I got this idea because I grew tired of frantically going to the door everytime I heard a noise. When getting "baked" paranoia often happens and this helps a bit. Instead of running and looking through a peephole everytime I hear someone coming towards my door I have made a cheap surveillance system that works quite effectively. I simply attached my web-camera over the peep hole (along with a lens that magnified the view) and then plugged the web cam into my laptop. Now when i watch TV and I think I hear someone coming I just have to look over and theres my screeen. It works and its really easy to set-up. Gosh, we Americans are getting more and more lazy everyday.
LoserMan234, Mar 06 2006

M-F-D Double-baked http://rds.yahoo.co...DF8460B4787EE5CE03A
[ye_river_xiv, May 30 2008]

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       I think a cheap Gary Colman doll works just as well.
travbm, Oct 29 2015


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