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Chicken Tractor Racing

Race between two 100 bird flocks housed in Chicken Tractors
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How you are gonna harness 100 pullets and get them all to pull /push in the same direction ?
popbottle, Jun 12 2015

Chicken tractor vids. https://www.google....en+tractors&tbm=vid
The first to fresh grass wins ? [popbottle, Jun 12 2015]


       A fox. Put the fox at the back; all the birds run away.
8th of 7, Jun 12 2015

       circular tractor, one side draped so's the chickens can't see anything in that direction (like grass or bugs, etc)
FlyingToaster, Jun 12 2015

       Breed giant chickens, the size of T. Rex ? Plenty of power and speed, plus massive eggs as a side effect.   

       You'd need to feed them oil, though, otherwise your Big Hens might sieze up ...
8th of 7, Jun 12 2015

       It's been said before, but Skinner was training pigeons to peck coordinates inside guided missiles. It seems pigeons don't have a clear sense of direction, much like foxes and chickens being thusly chased.
4and20, Jun 12 2015

       Chook = Aussie slang for "chicken." Also, "chookie."
popbottle, Jun 12 2015

       [+] Great!!! ROTFL
pashute, Jun 15 2015


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