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Children Safe Bucket

avoids the drowning of small children.
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It's a common bucket, but the lower part is different. there is a plastic disk on the bottom, that is jointed to the rest of the bucket by three plastic skewable plastic straws, keeping the bucket sealed by a flexible plastic membrane about six to seven inches tall, the rest of the bucket is standard product measurements. This devise is kept within the lines of a regular bucket thus making it invisible, like a regular one. When filled with water, you pull the bucket up and water weight keeps it sound.

When left on the floor water filled and a baby or a small pet presses the contour of the bucket, one of the three straws tilts for the added weight on the lip and deforms the bucket, losing the balance and empting the contents keeping the infant or pet safe from drowning.

noyola, May 23 2009

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       So it is a bucket that buckles if force is applied assymmetrically? Sounds like the 99cent bucket i once bought - the made the walls so thin they barely supported themselves. Filled with water they held up like some kind of slightly stiff bag, and as soon as you weighed down the rim, the whole thing collapsed.   

       I like the baby-safe stuff to be otherwise safe, too. imagine your shock and horror, if the toddler was washed from the collapsing bucket onto a extension cable.... Better just have a net over the rim of a stable bucket, if you have to leave filled buckets standing around.
loonquawl, May 24 2009


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