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City Puzzle Streets

Property Lots and Road Segments Can Be Moved
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It is reasonably well known that most auto accidents occur within a few kilometers of the dwellings of the accident victims. This can be attributed to the phenomenon known as "Familiarity Breeds Contempt". Contempt for the traffic laws in this case, probably.

Anyway, what if the streets were NOT familiar? Then people would pay more attention, even close to their dwellings, and the accident rate should go down.

Therefore, we need City Puzzle Streets. The infrastructure of the city is carefully constructed to allow lots and roadways to have their locations swapped. Each time this is done, perhaps once a month, electronic maps of the city are automatically updated, so that anyone using GPS will have an updated map and can find the latest new route between Points A and B. But they still have to drive that new and unfamiliar (and NOT to be held in contempt) route, carefully.

Vernon, Jun 05 2015

Some sample street layouts http://iloveglory.f...rath/allmapsdag.gif
I'm taking advantage of some dungeon maps in an old video game, but the Idea should be clear, that convoluted pathways can be created and modified. [Vernon, Jun 05 2015]


       Basically, Milton Keynes, then?   

       <old joke> You're most likely to have an accident within half a mile of your house. So you should move.<\oj>
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 05 2015

       The area ' few kilometers' around the homes would have all the paths mapped by occupants. One-way streets would give a messy fix.   

       I like the idea as it shakes up routine and maybe could help with traffic flows by giving changing longer, quicker versus shorter, slower travel choices.   

       [Ian] Emergency personnel don't have to obey the rules if they can do it safely.
wjt, Jun 05 2015


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