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Clickbait Resort

click-bait and possibly win something
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Clickbait Resort is where those who are addicted to this nefarious activity go to fully indulge their nonstop clicking. In Clickbait Resort there is a massive Bingo style session in permanent progress, 24 hours a day. Participants are invited to click away like frantic maniacs, as adverts and other articles demand attention on specially designed screens that emit extra loud clicks and require logging in and out to maintain each person's tally.

The whole process follows a parallel set of rules based on that of The Bingo Game, except the caller has a virtually infinite set to call out, and further clicking determines who wins, and even further clicking what they win and when. There are of course multiple callers in multiple Game rooms all filled with click-aholics.

In fact, it is really impossible to determine the rules, or purpose of the Great Game as this is the result of yet another unending Clickbait process, which changes as the Bait addicts muster and cluster.

xenzag, Sep 02 2015

Earn Easy Money for Free!!!!! Clickbait_20Resort
My cousin earnt over $23,327 at the Clickbait Resort in just a couple of hours. Find out how by clicking on the link above. [DrBob, Sep 02 2015]


       Ha - now you're talking! The hotspot link is white on white. Clicking all over this page will activate it eventually. "Near misses"? don't worry - you still get "I was near" points to spend.
xenzag, Sep 02 2015

       Clandestine click club cliques clash clamorously.
Film at eleven.

       Warning! I clicked on that link, and the nightmare never stopped.
xenzag, Sep 02 2015


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