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A text that visualizes itself.
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Text is a very convenient tool to describe ideas. However, video is much more attractive and convincing for ordinary people. For example, one of the reasons why KickStarter and the likes are successful, is because they have nice video representations of the ideas.

ClipText is an AI system that understands the meaning of your entered text, and comes up with its visualization (creates an animation video with all the components in the text, rendered as 4D objects).

As you type ClipText, the video content is pouring into life with every word and sentence you write. ^__^

This idea is for the times, when we have srong AI, but it is possible to start building such system today. For example, we already have libraries of thematic video clips, and we already have topic inference algorithms. Animation generation would be really a more involved problem, because of the necessity to come up with objects to match the ones in sentences, and their stories to represent the relationships between the ones in sentences.

An application: combining it with a voice-to-text recognizer, for visualization of thoughts.

Mindey, Jul 24 2014

GPT-3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPT-3
[beanangel, Jan 05 2021]

DALL·E: Creating Images from Text https://openai.com/blog/dall-e/
creates images from text captions for a wide range of concepts expressible in natural language [tatterdemalion, Jan 09 2021]

NSFW/ NSFL https://davidmack.m...s-porn-ba1f47b2035f
Maybe porn autogeneration isn't quite ready yet [Voice, Jan 09 2021]

Facebook's now on it... https://twitter.com...1575495462894723072
...though, still quite far from it. [Mindey, Oct 18 2022]

"Imagen" by Google (YouTube Vid) https://www.youtube...watch?v=YxmAQiiHOkA
[Mindey, Nov 03 2022]

"Wordcraft" by Google https://wordcraft-w...rkshop.appspot.com/
Some progress when it comes to "Idea to Illustrative story" part of the ClipText. [Mindey, Nov 05 2022]

YouTube: Imagen + Phenaki (by Google) https://youtu.be/X5iLF-cszu0?t=1100
More progress, when it comes to "Illustrative story to Video" [Mindey, Nov 11 2022]

Comic book drawn by AI https://www.cnet.co...es/#ftag=CAD590a51e
[a1, Nov 12 2022]

Engadget.com https://www.engadge...tron-212328597.html
"DeepMind created an AI tool that can help generate rough film and stage scripts" [Mindey, Dec 10 2022]

OpenAI Sora https://openai.com/sora
Closed OpenAI is approaching this point. With today's Sora, you can generate relatively high quality video from text. LLMs are (sorta) able to come up with movie scripts from an idea. Also, it's probably too slow to satisfy: "As you type text, the video content is pouring into life." [Mindey, Feb 16 2024]

YouTube: @PeterDiamandis: "How Long Until AI Can Create Movies" https://www.youtube.../shorts/6Xa3t8spSYk
2 years until this non-real-time... So, perhaps 4 years until this in real time? [Mindey, May 31 2024]

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       Now that GPT-3 is available, it would be much easier to realize this.
Mindey, Jan 04 2021

       As an example, can you describe the kind of video output that this system might generate from the idea text presented here?
pocmloc, Jan 04 2021

       "A picture paints a thousand words"
So you need a lot of words to describe a picture. Now think about 24 pictures (each needing a description) per second. OK, there's lots of overlap, but you will need a LOT of words to precisely describe a video well enough for an automated system to create the video you were expecting.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 04 2021

       The brain usually, for the main of people, generalises. If all that is wanted is a general scenario then GPT-3 will be fine as long as any detail wanted is spelled out. If the algorithm has a large data on your personality, edits will be at a minimum.   

       Maybe GPT-3 will mean a renaissance of more specific, nuanced word play to insert that personal flair.
wjt, Jan 05 2021

       This is coming.   

       (Lock your doors?)
pertinax, Jan 05 2021

       Added GPT-3 link.   

       Benefits: [Mindeys] version where a superior version of GPT-3, can make video is also able to customize any content to the individual learning style of the viewer/reader/educational software user.   

       There's a psychology test called the Big Five, and if you think about say the most 300 frequently occurring score cluster patterns (they could be called "personality types") then software better than GPT-3, video version, could write custom content for any of the 300 personality types. This makes a video they really like, really remember, and or also really take actions from viewing and participating in(emails, calling banks, buying things, moving/relocating, interpersonal behaviors).   

       Even a very simple version of GPT-3 scripted video, where Mindey's AI video just has clickable html-imagemap on it would be high quality educational software.   

       I welcome 300+ personality type customized educational software, and think that if measured, and improved iteratively, that perhaps 270 out of 300 big five personality cluster-types could learn more effectively from the software than from a human teacher.   

       Homework from the previously homework reticent as a measure of success:   

       Notably, with online/crowdsource/multiuser data the capacity of [mindey]'s video generator, reinterpreted as an educational software generator, can do something really big (big, huge vast, and great!) and that is cause people to do their school homework, on average, much more than a human teacher does.   

       The more voluntary homework most students do, the better they know and retain the material, is what I have been told (but I have doubts; I read they tried to measure a homework -> mastery relationship and, amazingly did not find anything that solid; some Scandinavian countries do not issue homework to school age children but have world-leading educational effectiveness scores, exceeding high-homework Asian countries' effectiveness). I learned about 95% of what little math I know from the book.   

       I think though that if superior to GPT-3, video/educational software can motivate what in 2020 would be called scant homework doers to do and turn in 40-100% more homework then it tremendously benefits education.   

       Wikipedia says Microsoft fully squired GPT-3, and people can still use it, but it's like sort of like a cloud service. It is possible that Microsoft and enterprise software companies will have GPT-3 descendants writing office memos for verifiable ability to cause the intended action of the memo. GPT-3 descendant software is a good addition to Microsoft office.
beanangel, Jan 05 2021

       Good god. Clippy could be brought to life. The horror... You know that underneath it all, Skynet is just a woke Microsoft Bob assistant gone psychotic with a bunch of added enhancements.   

       "It looks like you're writing an anti-AI program to prevent the singularity. Would you like me to infect it?"
RayfordSteele, Jan 05 2021

       So there isn't free will. A free decision that felt good could just be nano management from a AI or in the past, clever rhetoric by those sly artists.   

       The overtaking AI won't need guns, just an email and facebook.
wjt, Jan 08 2021

       Dall-e is scary good. It might be the bot that takes down the world's porn market. And graphics designers. And comic book artists.
Voice, Jan 09 2021

       At the moment it seems to be targeting 15 year old comic book artists.
mylodon, Oct 18 2022

       // comic book artists //   

       AI is getting quite good at that (link).
a1, Nov 12 2022


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