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Clixmart Mousuite

Click on buttons/links you haven't quite reached
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Time to close a window. But alas, after pushing the cursor along for 18 inches on your new humongous 21-inch flat panel monitor, you reach the edge of the mousepad, with just 1 centimeter to go. Or, just before you reach "clicking range", the cursor freezes as the mouse encounters a speck of dirt on the mousepad.

Must you lift up the mouse and put it back down again? Must you back up the cursor and then go forwards again to try to jiggle past the dirt? No, no need to worry! With the Clixmart Mousuite (tm), whenever you click on a "non-clickable" area of the screen, the software will continue the trajectory of the pointer and apply your click to the first available clickable spot on the screen.

phundug, Feb 27 2004

Object pointing http://www.laps.uni...-pointing_final.pdf
Mouse cursor skips empty spaces (also search for "semantic pointing" and "delphian desktop") [dragice, Jun 02 2007]


       "Very impressive, Richard. But can it sort alphanumerically?" "Sure, you just click on one of these sixteen sort buttons that are all grouped together over here on the... oops, hang on, I meant to... ack, no, not that one... can't you afford a bigger mousepad, you twit?"
egads, Feb 27 2004

       I like it. The world doesn't have enough software driven ideas that could easily be solved another way.
GenYus, Feb 27 2004

       //first available clickable spot//
That's the hard part, actually. In a GUI like Windows virtually everything is "clickable", though many click eventss just fall through a default handler that does nothing with them. From outside the application (in the mouse driver) it might be difficult to determine where to apply the click so it will actually do something.
krelnik, Feb 27 2004

       Its not the mouse you need to change but the browser. It should support clicking "towards" a link. You "click and gesture towards that link" and it is clicked.
pashute, Jan 27 2006

       Totally unnecessary. [+]
wagster, Jan 27 2006

       Why not just press "Alt"+"Esc" with your left hand?
BJS, May 24 2006


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