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Coat of arms

Layer in one go for cold weather
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An octet of trousers and a top with eight sleeves. The top consists of a long rectangle with a series of sleeves, each pair slightly looser than the last. You put it on by wrapping it round your torso four times, sticking your arms through each pair in turn, so you have four layers of clothing in a single garment, which you then fasten. The trousers are four pairs joined by a very long belt, and you put _those_ on by stepping in the first pair, then the second, third and fourth pairs, pulling on the belt each time and finally doing up the buckle. This makes dressing quicker in cold weather. You can still go to the toilet, by the way - just undo the belt buckle and roll all four down.
nineteenthly, Jan 17 2009


       It would, but i rarely remove layers and if everyone wore one it could cut down on heating, or they could fasten together.
nineteenthly, Jan 18 2009

       I was hoping this idea would be a coat made from firearms stitched together.
sninctown, Jan 18 2009

       Clearly my Britishness is showing.
nineteenthly, Jan 18 2009


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