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Cocoon Blanket Robots

Weave on, Weave off
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Imagine when you get in bed, instead of cumbersome layers of blankets, an army of spider like robots crawl around your body slowly encasing you in a thick web of whatever fibrous material you want: Be it the abrasiveness of canvas ranging too the softness of angora. In the morning this blanket functions as an alarm clock where the spider-bots unravel the blanket and release you / remind you how cold it is. Make sure the alarm is set or the spider-bots might not to be so inclined to free you.
redpandainventor, Nov 02 2008


       (+) Useful for desensitization treatment of arachnophobia.
jutta, Nov 03 2008

       I probably am in a need of arachnophobia desensitization. Had a spider in my hair for 4 hours the other day without knowing it. Kind of freaked me out.
redpandainventor, Nov 03 2008

       How did you know how long it had been there?
Texticle, Nov 03 2008

       Because i accidentally went through one before my classes started then felt something crawling in my hair during my last class. But either 5 minutes or 4 hours, there was still a spider in my hair.
redpandainventor, Nov 03 2008

       It survived tried to get back in my hair though.
redpandainventor, Nov 03 2008

       cool! if the spiders are a bit strong/heavy, then they could even massage you after the weaving is complete. If you have long hair, it could also help youtie a braid. [+]
kamathln, Nov 03 2008

       I have a live cat-blanket! They are really warm.
xandram, Nov 03 2008


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