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Combover Toupee

A tonsorial accessory that can be dyed, sized and applied with minimum fuss or funding.
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Realistic looking toupees don't come cheap, and even with the best (as worn by such celebrities as William Shatner and Justin Bieber) there's still that element of fakedness: under various conditions the colour, texture, luminosity and density won't match the natural mop.

Now, while not considered the height of fashion, a decent combover does look like part of a reasonably full head of hair, at a distance. Even up close and personal it still looks both tidy and natural, while being much less distracting (or even potentially embarassing) than a cheap rug.

But what if you don't have the time and effort to invest to grow one properly ? Enter the Combover Toupee:

Resembling nothing so much as one of Godzilla's false eyelashes, the Combover Toupee is packaged as a continuous roll; simply cut to the desire length, trim to the desired width and attach to the inner edge of the fringe by the colour-coordinated nylon minature hooks. If you get glue or paint in your Combover, simply replace it from the roll. While the Toupee will *not* fly off even in a high wind, it can be relatively easily combed out.

It's cheap: the number of fibres used is less than ten percent of a full pate-cover.

And it looks fantastic: *real* combovers have a different density than the natural coif, so the colour and texture of the toupee need only be approximated to match what it should look like.

FlyingToaster, Sep 17 2010

Donald Trump http://www.google.c...88&biw=1027&bih=596
hair clown [xenzag, Sep 17 2010]


       Interesting - if you were going to all the trouble of covering up your baldness, no one would think you'd be so stupid as to cover it up with a ridiculous-looking prosthetic combover. So in that sense, it has the potential to be a more convincing deception than a toupee which attempt to resemble a more stylish hairstyle.
hippo, Sep 17 2010

       Give that Toaster a bun
gnomethang, Sep 17 2010

       Brilliant! Do you have one in a TALL size? No matter; bun! [+]
Grogster, Sep 17 2010

       Actually I think Donald Trump already uses one of these.   

       My apple address is perrycombover@mac.com, so I naturally approve.   

       Does if come with dandruff for greater realism?
xenzag, Sep 17 2010

       hehe +
xandram, Sep 17 2010

       [hippo] not only that but since (real) combovers look different from the rest of the mop anyways, you can be a bit looser with the colour, texture, etc. matching. § x1
FlyingToaster, Sep 17 2010

       //Does if come with dandruff for greater realism?//   

       I've got some for sale. I make it from scratch...
MikeD, Sep 19 2010

       Brylcreem or glue?
infidel, Sep 19 2010


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