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Compound Cooker

Heating and serving in one pot
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A classy, decorative ceramic pot, aesthetically suitable for table service, enclosed in a robust, removable, tightly-fit steel shell. Store together, prepare food in the compound pot, remove inner ceramic for immediate service.

Yes, I'm a bachelor. The problem being addressed here is that of cooking in one pot and then transferring to another for service and/or storage, thereby requiring twice the dishwashing. And yes, I do know about crock pots, but they don't do the same kind of short-term, high temperature cooking that stovetops enable, and they are generally much oversized for service, considering the quantity of food contained.

absterge, Jan 20 2005

Le Creuset http://www.lecreuse...n/international.asp
The Risotto pan and the Karahi are suitable for your purpose..? [prufrax, Jan 20 2005]


       Ah I see - you want effectively a saucepan that converts into a dish.   

       What you want is the enamelled cast-iron stuff you get from Le Creuset.   

       See link for some pots suitable for tabletop and stovetop use.
prufrax, Jan 20 2005

       "Named for the noted French chef and inventor Gerarde D'Croque, I call this invention a Crock Pot!"
contracts, Jan 20 2005


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