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Constant Frequency Road Markings

Another insignificant safety feature
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Recently, the dashboard illumination failed in the car I was driving. Trying to gauge my speed, at night, alone on a road with little side decoration was not fun.

If some sort of road marking - maybe the centre lines or the "cats eye" reflectors - were paced so that at the posted limits they went past at a constant rate, gauging the speed in similar situations would be easier. Perhaps, after time, we would develop a subconscious sense of timing for it.

(A quick calculation, by the way, shows that:
if the rate is, say, 2s, and
the driver is out by up to 0.5s, and
the car speed is 60km/h, then
the approximate error in the speed is 15km/h. At 100km/h, it's 25km/h.)

Detly, Dec 23 2004




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