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Contra-rotating gatling aircraft guns for Green-er warfare

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Whilst doing nothing of the slightest use to humanity, I came up with Green-er combat.

To whit, a rotary weapon with two sets of contra-rotating barrels (think two Gatling guns side by side, whose gears interlock).

With a regular rotary weapon the cartridge goes into the chamber, gets fired, and the cartridge cases go all over the place. The clever bit is, the brass is collected, passed in a wide loop around the weapon giving the slipstream time to cool down the cases.

The cases are then re-filled with powder, and inserted into Gatling gun no. 2 which has a set of long roads to force the new bullet backwards down the barrel (of course this is much easier with adjustable rifling turned to zero, just running parallel to the axis of the barrel)into the refilled case along with a new primer.

One additional advantage is while gun 1 is firing, gun 2 is a having a bit of a rest, so allowing the barrels to cool down.

Of course it would be more green to also collect in the used bullets as well, but tests with elastic or fishing line proved...shall we say problematical at best, in particular with targets who have already been buried by the survivors. Just don't ask, really.

And so a great deal of copper and tin gets recycled at the point of use.

Is it just me or do I seem to be channeling His Borgness these days? It all means something.

not_morrison_rm, May 02 2015

ok it's not exactly a haiku https://www.flickr....89@N03/17139238357/
but you may just see it stuck on someone's back on a high street near you.. [not_morrison_rm, May 02 2015]

Herr Professor Doktor Trublemacher https://www.flickr....89@N03/17320701796/
[not_morrison_rm, May 02 2015]

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       Whose, rotary, slipstream, rods (I hope).
21 Quest, May 02 2015

       //It all means something.// In my experience, that is a wildly optimistic statement.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 02 2015

       Well it was this of QR codes Haiku...   

       NB I seem to have spawned another nom de plume, the Herr Professor Doktor Trublemacher*, a man cursed by that most rare form of colour blindness, to not be able to see black or white. Bit of a bugger in pre-colour tv days.   

       *apologies to the shade of T. Pratchett.
not_morrison_rm, May 02 2015

       You may joke, but there is a syndrome (Rates' syndrome) in which neurological damage makes it impossible for the patient to distinguish shape or form based on light intensity alone. But they can still perceive colour perfectly well, so they can see in colour but are effectively blind in black and white.   

       Oliver Sacks described a patient with Rates' syndrome in one of his books. The main impact on the patient was her inability to read anything printed in black- on-white (including music), but she could make things out when viewed through a coloured filter.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 02 2015

       Hmmm, there are too many real maladies..apologies to real sufferers. Ok maybe scrofula? Or perhaps The Sweats?   

       //when viewed through a coloured filter.   

       Rose-tinted glasses, upon the NHS?   

       Was considering doing volumtary work for an inoculation program, I could add "I fought polio" to my..
not_morrison_rm, May 02 2015


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