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Conveyor trials

It has its ups and downs...
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If you have ever ridden on a conveyor type escalator, which has no steps and is used for shopping trolleys, you may have noticed that at the gentle transition between one angle and another, it is strangely upsetting your balance control.

Yesterday I saw someone actually take a few steps to keep balance.

So, if this were developed into a challenge, it might be fun:

1. A long, undulating conveyor, with varying angles for pitch and bank. Doesn't need to be wild.
2. Two closely spaced pressure sensitive pads that record how long your feet were not there. Closer is more difficult.
3. The rider places their feet on the pads and endeavors to ride the conveyor to the other end without taking a step.

Ling, May 25 2014

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       Like surfing for Iowa.
popbottle, May 25 2014

       Corporate moguls.
Not to be confused with corporate Moguls.

       I thought this would be of the legal variety, trying to speed up court cases and so on.
not_morrison_rm, May 25 2014

       In my town you could try bus surfing. The first one to stand more than 30 seconds gets the value of the bus filled with gold. +
pashute, May 25 2014

       Split the belt, with different sections travelling at subtly different speeds.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 25 2014

       Maybe an extra prize for getting the shopping trolley to the other end, especially one with a wonky wheel.
Ling, May 25 2014

       //Split the belt, with different sections travelling at subtly different speeds   

       Ahem, The Roads Must Roll Heinlein 1940....
not_morrison_rm, May 25 2014


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