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Copper Vapor Lamp

Unearthly Green instead of Sickly Yellow
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Sick of the sickly yellow industrial feel of your sodium vapor street or warehouse lamps? Switch now to the unearthly green-blue glow of our new copper vapor lamps. Same idea as a sodium vapor lamp, but (I imagine) a lot more engineering involved!

* Strontium vapor lamps also available for a more festive street atmosphere....

cowtamer, Feb 21 2011

Copper Flame test http://upload.wikim...pper_flame_test.JPG
[cowtamer, Feb 21 2011]

Strontium Flame Test http://www.sciencep...PL.jpg?id=655100233
[cowtamer, Feb 21 2011]

Gas Discharge Lamp http://en.wikipedia.../Gas_discharge_lamp
[cowtamer, Feb 21 2011]

Baked-ish https://en.wikipedi.../Copper_vapor_laser
Copper vapor laser [goldbb, Jan 21 2017]


       But the sickly yellow hides my jaundice! [+]
shapu, Feb 23 2011

       Yes ... why is it that hospitals always seem to install lighting that makes patients look iller than they actually are ?
8th of 7, Jan 21 2017


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