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Copy/Paste 2.0

A new way to plagiarize.
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Instructions for use:

1.Use the right button of the mouse to highlight something as you normally would, except for using the opposite button.

2.Place your cursor somewhere.

The computer automatically places the highlighted text in the next spot the cursor is placed.

Time is saved and all are happy.

A few similar ideas(re: Copy/Paste) links are provided. Not baked to the best of my knowledge.

Blumster, Feb 17 2005

Copy Swap Copy_20and_20Swap
Swapping feature [Blumster, Feb 17 2005]

Copy while typing Copy_20while_20typing
Very similar but works on the keyboard. [Blumster, Feb 17 2005]

True X-Mouse Gizmo http://fy.chalmers.se/~appro/nt/TXMouse/
You mean like this? [devnull, Jul 21 2008]


       Yeah, the subtitle is a joke (albeit a bad one) so I appologize if its not clear.   

       I once watched Shaun of the Dead from a chinese bootleg that had english subtitles, translated from the chinese subtitles, which were taken from the english lines... It was the funniest movie I have ever seen almost entirely for the subtitles. They ended up with ZERO lines translated correctly. Very funny indeed.
Blumster, Feb 17 2005

       The well-known music program Sibelius had exactly this feature in its original incarnation (for the now defunct Acorn RISC OS computers) but the other way round.   

       Left-click selected as normal. But then you could point somewhere else and right-click, to do an instant Copy+Paste in the new location. You could then right-click again to make another copy, which wouldn't really work with Blumster's idea.   

       Actually this was the main method of input; more efficient than what most graphics programs use, which is to click different tool buttons to put you in a mode where left-clicking creates a particular symbol (only), and then you have to annoyingly click another tool to get out of this mode.   

       The newer Windows/Mac version of Sibelius uses Alt+click instead of right-click, because the latter is really meant to be for pop-up menus.
Lucretius, Jul 21 2008


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