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Cross-Platform User Directory

On a multi-boot system, I shouldn't have to copy my music library for each OS
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Traditionally, when a user installs multiple OSes on the same computer, each OS would create a new user directory. Instead, the user will be able to access the same files (Dropbox, iTunes Library, etc.) whichever OS the user launches because each OS will access the same directory. Carry the user directory on an SD, and you get a portable, cross-platform access to your desktop wherever you go.

with remote login, you can access the same desktop simultaneously from multiple machines.

rhatta, Jul 11 2010


       don't know too much about multiple OS's on the same system, but it sounds like you need an "OS neutral" partition to store your media on, one that they can all read. FAT16 ? FAT32 ?   

       Might have to keep a separate media indexing file on each OS partition though... depends if say iTunes for OS-X produces the same media-index-file as it does on Vista or whatever.
FlyingToaster, Jul 11 2010


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