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Custard filled stop signs

Stop or custard
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Ever seen those people who treat stop signs like green traffic lights, green for their lane? A timid stop sign at the roadside just gets a laugh, but now there is the custard filled stop sign. It has a large diameter post filled with ... <insert dramatic pause here> ... custard! It doesn't sit on the roadside anymore, but right in the middle of each lane. If you go slow, it will bend and give way, but ignore it and your bumper gets a dent like you hit a lamp post. Ignore it real fast and it opens a pressure valve at the top to release a nasty splash of brightly colored custard on your car for easy identification.
kbecker, Sep 11 2003

I like the original better http://www.halfbake...led_20Speed_20Bumps
[custardlove, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       [marked–for–depletion] mis-use of custard. (Caution: deliberately concentrating and inhaling custard may be hazardous or fatal)
oxen crossing, Sep 12 2003

       There is never enough custard on our roads! I can still envision custard filled traffic lights. They drop a glob of custard in your lane, finely tuned in viscosity so it slowly flows apart and is just ready to drive over when it is your turn again.
There are also custard filled pedestrians who turn real hard when you hit them. They would be hired by the government to teach careless drivers and get lots of free meals at their job; all custard of course.
kbecker, Sep 12 2003

       OK, then why not just dig a bunch of canals, fill them with custard, and drive around in jet-custard drive boats?
oxen crossing, Sep 12 2003

       [ox] Post it, post it, I'll give you a croissant!
kbecker, Sep 12 2003

       I'm afraid its free breakfast for me ... kind of like a toaster-strudel that you don't have to work for ... ride my motorcycle right into the thing, and have automated, middle-of-the-road breakfast on my way to work ... just chase the custard down with a half-baked pastry ... good idea! [+]
Letsbuildafort, Sep 12 2003


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