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DIY Jumbotron

Cheap programmable matrix of lights, controlled by computer, min 10 fps refresh rate, for performance/art purposes
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A first cousin of the programmable xmas lights discussion (http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Smart_20Blinking_20X-Mas_20lights), this thing would comprise unit arrays (4x4? 8x8? 16x16?) of lights to be controlled by a laptop. It would be expandable in any configuration of units (1x2, 5x1, etc) to suit specific purposes/performance pieces. It would have to refresh uniformly, at an ideal minimum of 10 refreshes per second (to suit a program animated "on 3's"). It would be capable of synchronization with a soundtrack, which could be output by the same software sending the signals to the array.

[draws breath]

And it could be built on the cheap.

enginedoll, Feb 21 2003

HB Idea: "Smart Blinking Christmas Lights" http://www.halfbake...ng_20X-Mas_20lights
[link moved from idea to here] [bristolz, Oct 17 2004]

Disco Panel http://www.halfbake.../idea/Disco_20Panel
Very similar idea. [DrCurry, Oct 17 2004]

Time only version. http://www.oldvan.com/garage
OK, not quite Jumbotron, but proof this can be done at hacker level. [oldvan, Oct 17 2004]

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       Someone did this one before, too - see link.
DrCurry, Feb 21 2003


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