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Degree Key

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a key with that tiny circles which denotes degrees, as in celsius or fahrenheit or degrees in a circle. why? because i hate searching through key caps and option keying everything yo find a simple °. the alternative is writing out "degrees" every time. maybe this is a personal peeve, but still, it's not too much trouble.
schematics, Feb 04 2005

Mac OS X http://developer.ap.../tn2002/tn2056.html
how to remap keys in OS X [neilp, Feb 04 2005]


       can't you program it to do that ?
neilp, Feb 04 2005

       p.s. now I'll just come to the HB and copy your example.
neilp, Feb 04 2005

       turns out it's shift-option-8 (on a mac, anyway) but still. I'll likely not remember that. And I personally have no idea how to program a keyboard.
schematics, Feb 04 2005

       alt+0176 (keypad on wintel)°
bristolz, Feb 04 2005

       This could be shifted under the number pad, along with ohm, µ, ±, ©, ®, •, ™, infinity, and delta. (Some symbols refuse to appear on the web).   

       Trying to remember randoms numbers for common symbols is annoying.
Aq_Bi, Feb 04 2005

       hi [Schematics] it seems that the apple keyboards (under OS X) allow you to decide what output is achieved by pressing which key according to an XML file, which you can edit. It looks a little hard core, but would solve your problem (assuming you're using OS X?).
neilp, Feb 04 2005

       If you're using MS-Word, just set the autoreplace thing to insert a degree sign every time you type "$degree$" or something. Just like typing ° when you're writing HTML.
hippo, Feb 04 2005

       I recorded a macro for this using the insert symbol menu, then gave it a button on my toolbar. Now when I need it I click the button.
migennes, Nov 22 2005

       BeauBeaton: I think you have the wrong symbol. Alt+0 (º) looks like it's a masculine ordinal, since alt+9 gives a feminine one (ª). Alt+shift+8 is degrees (°). I remember it because round things are on the 8 key (asterisk, bullet, degree)
st3f, Nov 22 2005

       Does everyone use Apples in this place!!! We all know there are ways to do this, but I agree that the symbol is commonly used and deserves its own position among the shift symbols on a standard English(US) or English(UK) keyboard. It is more commonly used than "the hat" ^, or square and curly brackets {}[] or the circumflex ~ and even as common as the % percent, particularly with scientific types....   

       I vote for the Degree Kee!   

       (Another point, Why do we have that wierd elbow symbol on the top left key on the keyboard? ¬   

       Has anyone ever used that????!!!)
Minimal, Nov 22 2005


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