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Designer Pagers

Why are we still making pagers that look like PAGERS?
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For a couple of years now I've been hoping for somebody to come out with a pager that looks like an old-fashioned pocket watch. As components keep getting smaller and smaller, we should be able to build electronics into any shape we want. So why are we still carrying around pagers that look like clunky pieces of black plastic? I can think of a million reasons for personal electronics to be shaped like something else. Build it into a medallion or some other piece of jewelry and surprise people at the next fancy dinner party you go to. Women could carry one in their purse as a comb or a compact. I really think it's time we started thinking about style in terms of electronics.
DrAwkward, May 02 2002

Retro Cell Phone http://www.halfbake...etro_20Cell_20Phone
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       Um... so you can tell it's a pager, maybe?   

       On second thought, you're right. They should make pagers that look like microwave ovens, or perhaps small pets.
waugsqueke, May 02 2002

       I'd quite like a page. I visualise him as small and sexy with an American drawl and he attends my every need. Hello DrAwkward, fancy a job?
po, May 04 2002

       I'd like to see this extended to its logical conclusion. Pagers should become multi-functional. For instance, we allready have a pager which is also your comb; how about a pager which doubles up as a vegetable knife?   

       Any other ideas? extra points for ones with uses incompatible with the pager itself
yamahito, May 04 2002

       Tell me o Chef Of The Future, "can your pager core a apple ?"
half, May 06 2002


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