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Developing country multi function dyno

Developing country multi function dyno
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Most people living in developing countrys don't have access to electric or running water. My plan is having a dyno thats staked into the ground that you can clamp a motorbike onto. On the left side is a port where you can clip on varius funtions, like a water pump, elec generator, air compressor, a gearbox to run circular saws/planes/drills etc.

On the right side is a port where you can clip on varius power inputs. A human tug of war device, a wheel with a big rubber band to atatch to a tractor motor, wind/watermill. or even along pully system of ropes to drive it with a cow marching up and down!... Maybe. Or you can stake the other power inputs onto the ground and run the funtions direct.

If you have a car you can buy a second dyno to support the other wheel, without attatching any funtions. Or just jack the other running wheels up off the floor.

So people will be able to charge their deep cycle batteries, get lots of ground water or run a small work shop without having to break the bank.

How it can be profitable?

Import the specialist parts from China and build the rest localy, then get charity funding to drive the price point to a localy afordable level.

EkranoMan, Sep 19 2014


       At least it's not in...Well, it's close, but it's not in other:general.
normzone, Sep 19 2014


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