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Because it's just not the same alone.
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It's 12:30 on a sunny Friday, you're halfway through your fifth cup of joe, and you're just brimming with wacky. You've gotta let it out. What better way than to burst into song? Problem, though--the song currently running unstoppably through your head is "Sloop John B," or "Already Gone," or even "The Joker." It's not enough--in fact, it's just not right--to sing it out without somebody there to hit the harmony!

Fortunately, there's Dial-A-Backup-Vocalist! For a mere $4.99 a minute, trained professionals will provide that full, only partially half-assed harmony you've been aching for. From the comfort of your office, or from one of the specially soundproofed and blacked out public booths coming soon to major metropolitan areas, Dial-A-Backup-Vocalist provides the positive stress relief you need. Or, if you don't mind people pointing and laughing, just dial *1-3-5 on your cell phone!

Whether you're going to Scarborough Faire or just a shoop-shoop short of knowing if it's in his kiss, Dial-A-Backup-Vocalist will put the bomp back in your bomp babomp babomp!

darksasami, Nov 26 2003

perhaps this lot could join us in a rousing version of "congratulations" http://www.keblechoir.com/
[po, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       $4.99 per minute is a bit steep though..
po, Nov 27 2003

       It's the musician's union, see, I just can't get around them. At least songs are typically short.
darksasami, Nov 28 2003

       I cannot get "congratulations" out of my head now.
po, Nov 28 2003


       Apparently their carol singing's very good - I'm going to settle for that ;op
yamahito, Nov 28 2003


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