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Diaper-Sorb Flood Control Bales

Making Heroes and Patriots Out of Babies The World Round
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It seems that everyone with a baby uses disposable diapers these days. Diaper-Sorb Flood Control Bales capitalize on the, uh, "baby mortar" (aka poop) that has been deposited into the used diaper. These nappy's are compressed into bales, then the "mortar" cements them together into interlocking bales that may be used for flood control.

After being placed along the flood zone and in contact with water, the bales expand into an impenetrable wall of Diaper Doom for flood waters.

But wait! There's more!

The Diapers may also be compressed into shells for the 16 inch guns on navy ships, shells for tanks, warheads for aircraft, and other heavy artillery. Shot at high velocity, these instruments of justice immediately ignite as a result of their incredible speed. Imagine the horror as Fiery Diaper Death descends from the sky onto the enemy du jour!

Landfill operators all around the world will no longer have to wonder how long it will take all these freakin diapers to decompose.

Grogster, Jun 22 2011


       I'm pretty sure we did something like this, but using the diaper material, rather than used diapers. However, if you want to partially control the flood whilst at the same time ensuring a plentiful supply of noravirus, rotavirus and godnosavirus, this is the way to do it.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 22 2011

       Oh, did I forget to mention the dirty diapers enduring a Glutaraldehyde 2% v/v solution, High UV radiation, and heat in compressing the bales??? BAD GROG!
Grogster, Jun 22 2011


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