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Disinfectant Light Switch

A reminder and incentive to turn out the restroom lights.
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When in the off position, the large, spongy switch does not release its alcohol-based disinfectant in order to conserve the supply hidden in a pouch behind the switch. Moving the sponge upward as you would a normal light switch turns on the lights and reconnects a small duct so that capillary action brings disinfectant to the switch.

Install the Disinfectant Light Switch instead of offering disinfectant at the sink. Restroom users will get plenty from the light switch on the way out. If someone still occupies the throne, the leaver sweeps the hand upward across the switch when already in the on-position, getting disinfectant and keeping the lights on.

The custodian or whoever locks up at the end of the day should either launder or dispose of the day's Light Switch Sponge, which should be abiotic but a little messy. Doing so requires disconnecting and reconnecting the duct that leads to the replaceable pouch of disinfectant. Doing so should remind this person to shut the lights off at the end of the day, since the Switch will continue excreting disinfectant until moved into "off" position.

Ketchupybread, Jan 13 2009




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