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Disintegrating Tomato Sauce Jar

Jar disintegrates so you don't have to scrape it
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I hate having to scrape the inside of the tomato sauce jar to get the last remaining sauce that I paid hard-earned money for. The disintegrating tomato sauce jar dissolves when you activate it with a quick spritz of tap water and place it in a steaming hot pile of spaghetti (or any other kind of pasta), thus releasing 100% of the tomato sauce bounty directly into your pasta. The jar would be made of a water-and-heat-activated disintegrating starch polymer. When dry, the jar is just as strong as glass. It would also bring down the cost of tomato sauce because the manufacturing is cheaper because there is no lid. This is similar to the ketchup marbles invention (see link below). Welcome to the future.
DeathNinja, Jul 19 2003

ketchup marlbles http://www.halfbake...a/Ketchup_20marbles
uhm, ketchup. marbles. [DeathNinja, Oct 04 2004]




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