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Double mousewheel

quick scroll up and down - for extra effects
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Similar to gestures use quick up down wheel to continuously scroll up or down, or to go faster or slower. left/right buttons as breaks and accelerator.

Useful for all kinds of things. (I'm leaving them for the other half of the bakers to complete the other half of this invention)

pashute, Apr 05 2019

Maybe you just need moar buttons https://ae01.alicdn...1-Wholesale-USB.jpg
[Cuit_au_Four, Apr 07 2019]


       sp: brakes
UnaBubba, Apr 05 2019

       ...unless [pashute] was proposing left/right buttons to insert carriage returns and line breaks.
hippo, Apr 05 2019

       And a (particle) accelerator?
UnaBubba, Apr 05 2019

       So autoscroll (the thing in most web browsers on Windows where you middle-click a neutral area on the page and then move the cursor relative to that spot to control scroll rate and direction), but controlled using dedicated buttons on the mouse? I'm happy with my Logitech scroll wheel that unlocks when I spin it fast, and then continues to spin for 30 seconds or so. I'm also happy with the horizontal scroll wheel on the same mouse, though it doesn't have that feature (but isn't notchy to begin with).
notexactly, Apr 05 2019

       From the title we thought this would be some sort of epicyclic exercise device for small rodents ...
8th of 7, Apr 07 2019

       ^ fodder for viral videos if a haploid, bevel or cage gear is moving the two close mousewheels.
wjt, Apr 07 2019


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