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leave presents and drink blood
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Draculaus is a Christmas vampire themed horror film.
aka from Santa Claus to Draculaus

Instead of traditional yo-ho-ho, present delivering Santa Claus, we have the sneaky, neck biting Draculaus who comes on a flying carriage, powered by his reindeers of terror. (with glistening razor edged antlers and attendee troupe of hissing vampires)
Replacing cuddly toys, socks and boxes of chocolate, he leaves guns, knives and boxes of ammunition.

The only protection is to leave out a glass of your own blood to satisfy the insatiable appetite of this perpetually thirsty seasonal devil.

Merry Christmas to all....

xenzag, Dec 22 2018

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       Ewww, ohhh, uurrgh, yuck, no.
blissmiss, Dec 23 2018

       //attendee troupe of hissing vampires//   

       Shouldn't that be vampire elves?
Skewed, Dec 23 2018


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