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Record drunken moments of genius for sober appraisal!
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How many times have you been sat in a boozer when suddenly the brainwave of a lifetime hits you? The invention that will change the world! You wander home determined to write it down, but instead settle for toast, and on waking your previously inevitable millions have evaporated along with your idea. No longer! The Drinktaphone has all the features of a normal dictaphone, but also includes large colourful buttons, waterproof casing and three full hours of tape loop. The wheat can now be sorted from the chaff with the aid of sobreity, and immortality awaits!
Nadir, Mar 05 2001

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       I need a drinktaphone for ideas that wake me up in the middle of the night. When I have managed to be so inspired as to write one of these down for review in the morning, though, as often as not it seems that I might as well have been drunk.
beauxeault, Mar 05 2001

       The device could also prove handy when trying to remember what the hell you said to the boss at the office party, or investigating why no-one will talk to you...hello...anyone?
stickyman, Mar 07 2001


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