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Drive a Gridlocker

When there’s gridlock take it easy
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In a halfbaked dream I predict that the so-popular disguised trucks we call off-roaders, rv’s etc. will soon go out of fashion.

i think they were largely a response to the “shock them into safe-driving” advertising campaigns of the last decade.

Their bulk and size made families feel that they were safe in off-roaders, high up on huge tyres, and with lots of metal around them.

The fact they seldom went off-road and that the “metal” was mostly plastic, seldom worried them.

I contend these gigantic off-roaders will quickly be replaced by “gridlockers”. What’re gridlockers? They’re highly compressed versions of our homes - but on wheels - glamourised camper-vans.

When the rv’s and off-roader “trucks” ahead slow down and stop for hours we won’t lapse into gridlock rage, we’ll do what we do at home when a storm rages outside, have a relaxing time, doing what comes natural.

rayfo, Sep 29 2000

Honda SMX http://auto.degital.net/honda/smx.html
Apparently the selling point of this car in Japan is that it is large enough to lie down inside. In Japan, most 20-somethings live with their parents, so a capacious vehicle has obvious advantages. (Hint: turn the "M" sideways.) [rmutt, Sep 29 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       As I wrote - doing what comes natural.
rayfo, Sep 30 2000

       Well, remember Plato's theory that humans now are half of what we were originally, and we're all looking for our other half to reattach to? We could do that, with cars. Half-width ones designed to snuggle up to a likely looking fellow gridlockee.   

       Complications for sexual preference, of course.
hello_c, Oct 03 2000

       Although SUVs do have a great amount of plastic on them (as on all cars today), the frames do provide increased protection in a crash. At least, from an accident with a car...but now SUV drivers are just about as likely to get into an accident with another SUV. In reality, if people want safety, a Volvo or Saab station wagon would be the way to go (but they're not as cool-looking). I think another thing is that minivans came to be seen as boring...they're not very aggressive or interesting looking. SUVs have minivan-like capacity, but are more fun looking. I drive an 89 Accord (a pretty low car), often on busy interstates with lots of SUVs and minivans...I really don't see a problem with them. I can't see around a Navigator that's 4 feet higher than me, but I also can't see around or through a Camry with tint. There's not much to see up ahead anyway, except more traffic...big deal. : P
artgeco, Jan 05 2003


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