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Dry Erase Stamps

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Problem: You need to write/draw something on a dry-erase board many times.


My solution would be a Dry erase stamp. Basically, this would be a rubber stamp (baked) of what you are writing (backwards of course), and an ink pad that has dry-erase ink.

Problems with the solution: First: Dry erase ink dries very quickly. In order to make an ink pad with it, it would have to stay wet longer.

Second: If you don't have a stamp of what you need to put on the board, you have to write it. This could be solved by using something like the half-baked "Dynamic Stamp" (link) so you could design on the computer, add dry erase ink, and stamp as needed.

Dynamic Stamp and ink sold seperately. Computer not included.

wolstech, Dec 01 2006

Dynamic Stamp Dynamic_20Stamp
A Stamp that changes what is stamped via computer. [wolstech, Dec 01 2006]

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       I like it, certainly something that couldn't be done with a regular chalkboard. It makes sense. +
twitch, Dec 01 2006

       I don't think having to stop and pick up a stamp or to make one would save you any time.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 01 2006

       If you made this into a roller, I could draw plasma membranes very easily.
Cuit_au_Four, Dec 01 2006

       It could be a roller, for patterns or funny lines.
Ling, Dec 01 2006

fishboner, Jan 08 2010


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