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EULA Scanner Redux

EULA scanner that employs Solr, Alfresco, and the crowd
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Nod to this old EULA Scanner idea that I found today: EULA_20Scanner#1339119316

My idea uses is an online service to which users would submit their EULAs, and the service will respond with a quick report card that tells the user which parts of the EULA contains language that the user has already agreed to in other EULAs, which parts are new to this user but seen and accepted by many other users, which parts are totally new (so read these first), and which parts have been commented on. I'm testing the waters for possibly doing a crowd-funding campaign to start it... http://blog.youluh.com

slylock, Jun 08 2012

Sanity Clause http://www.youtube....watch?v=KS2khYJZKwA
[ytk, Jun 10 2012]


       By sanity clause, I think you mean a clause to test if the user read it, like "call this number to receive $1000," right? I think that's a great point. My service will flag clauses which have received negative comments from users, but this might be an example where a clause receiving positive comments should also be flagged.
slylock, Jun 10 2012

       ahh, well done! Ok, if the user is under 12 years old, we will avoid telling the user that there is no sanity clause.
slylock, Jun 10 2012

       On the subject of whether EULAs have any real meaning worth worrying about, my target audience would be people who have a bit of worry due to the act of agreeing without reading. So even if the EULAs are unenforceable or meaningless, many still worry. We would offer some peace of mind in the form of "most of this EULA was copy/pasted from a standard EULA, so it's ok you didn't read it"
slylock, Jun 10 2012

       Electronic Frontier Foundation has a similar project, funded by members. Maybe "worry" is not the right term, for EFF members it's more of a principal thing I think, as in "we're reading the EULAs so don't try anything funny." http://www.tosback.org
slylock, Jun 10 2012


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