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Earthquake cancelation waves

Use the earthquake's power against itself
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Powered by the earth's shaking this machinery responds with a counter shaking wave in an attempt to cancel out the waves and hopefully creating a "silence bomb" similar to what my friend Alexi was working on years ago at IBM for sound, and which I saw my nephew wear on his ears.

Of course we cannot cancel the ground shaking, but we can cancel a building from shaking, and if we do it in a coordinated effort we could protect whole neighborhoods and cities.

pashute, Nov 09 2021

Mass dampers https://en.wikipedi...i/Tuned_mass_damper
Taipei 101 is famous for it's huge ball. [neutrinos_shadow, Nov 09 2021]

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       OK I see that Max RIP had the same idea a few years ago, and anyway my LTA personal rescue suit was a much better idea, having people hop up into the air with a safe hydrogen balloon in the case of a combined earthquake and tsunami.   

       (With you just a bit above the ground, and the balloons safely out of the way, way above you),
pashute, Nov 09 2021

       Like a mass damper or vibration absorber (some skyscrapers have them) but on a tectonic scale?
neutrinos_shadow, Nov 09 2021


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