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Egalitarian Darth Vader/Stephen Hawking costume

Cancels out much prejudice
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A seven-foot high shapeless cloak with a turban, helmet, mask, a speech processor which turns your voice into something like Stephen Hawking's, and optional very high platform shoes, which you wear to interviews, in dodgy areas after dark and in other circumstances where your particular group may expose you to prejudice. Identification by fingerprint required in situations where abuse is feasible, such as single-sex gyms, mosques and telephony. Acceptable to all religions and none, violating no dress codes and making it possible for the wearer to be of almost any height, weight, gender, ethnicity or religious affiliation (hence the turban).
nineteenthly, Nov 11 2008


       "Sorry, you're just not suitable for this job."
<under breath>"Filthy Vader scum."</u-b>
<Vader voic>"What's that?"</v-v>
dbmag9, Nov 11 2008

       I will only wear this if it comes with crotchless chaps
miasere, Nov 12 2008

       //crotchless chaps// Eunuchs?
coprocephalous, Nov 12 2008

       You don't prejudge the masked "freedom fighters" they sometimes show brandishing weapons in war-torn countries?
ye_river_xiv, Nov 12 2008

       Well, this is the flaw. Once people do this, there's the problem of what can be done once someone is anonymous. OK, this is how to avoid it. In order to buy one, you have to show ID. You then have a unique serial number on the forehead of the mask which can be traced by the police but is otherwise private. This is no more an invasion of privacy than a car number plate. If you go to a _police_ interview, there is a special authority which issues a different set of numbers, is kept completely private and issues white cloaks as worn by Obi Wan Kenobi, but with hidden faces, which can only be used for this purpose, so you can't be on the Dark Side of the Force.
nineteenthly, Nov 12 2008

       // //crotchless chaps// Eunuchs? — coprocephalous, Nov 12 2008 //   

       hahaha!! pure gold
samosa_pirate, Nov 15 2008

       Actually, no .... the Family Jewels have gone ....
8th of 7, Nov 15 2008


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