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Electrostatic Hamster Toy

To make Fluffy fluffy
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Away with boring hamster-wheels. Begone, lackluster flat-haired hamsters. The MaxCo Electrostatic Hamster Wheel is here.

In place of the regular wire or plastic wheel, the MaxCo Electrostatic Hamster Wheel is, in effect, a rodent-sized Wimshurst machine. The faster Fluffy runs, the higher the charge developed, and the more his (or her - it's difficult to tell) fur will fluff out.

As a bonus, the charged hamster can also be stuck to the ceiling afterwards.

MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 16 2007

An Illustrated Guide to Hamster Sexing http://www.hamsteri...SexingHamsters.html
Hm, yeah, that really *is* difficult. [jutta, Nov 16 2007]

Wikipedia: Wimshurst machine http://en.wikipedia...i/Wimshurst_machine
[jutta, Nov 16 2007]


       Jutta - many thanks for the link. I checked my hamster, though, and it doesn't appear to have either a pink *or* a blue label attached to its genitals.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 16 2007

       And, to be honest, I'd be a little bit worried about you if it did.
jutta, Nov 16 2007

       Lord Kelvin would have been impressed. Perhaps there is still the opportunity to drip feed his/her water basin with a Kelvin Thunderstorm. Of course, the entire process may *short* lived, but would still have a certain *influence*.
4whom, Nov 16 2007

37PiecesOf Flair, Nov 16 2007


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