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Tired of continuous laugh tracks, lets try something new....
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Every sit-com these days seems to me to be loaded with laugh tracks.

Why such devotion to laughter at the expense nay ignorance of all the other emotions that could be whipped into a frenzy with other suitable tracks?

Wny not 'sad' tracks for tearjerkers (the sounds of crying in the background), 'scream' tracks for thriller/horrors (sounds of continuous screaming in the background) etc etc....

rumbletumbler, Oct 07 2003

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       how about *silence*?
po, Oct 07 2003

       The sound of laughter is somewhat infectious and the sounds of most of the other emotions are not. It just wouldn't be very compelling.
bristolz, Oct 07 2003

       What do you think incidental music is there for? And what do you think scares people more, continuous screaming or a punctuated silence?
nprnncbl, Oct 07 2003

       //nprnncbl // spelling unpronounceable
po, Oct 07 2003

       sit-com = situational COMEDY. Scream tracks and wail tracks aren't beneficial to the whole COMEDY thing.   

       Do you mean for movies?   

       Also, laughter is social; screaming and moreso crying are not.
k_sra, Oct 07 2003

       How about a sneeze or better yet, yawn track. Both contagious, one of them could even be infectious.   

       How about having the option of disabling the laughs on the DVD. And perhaps have different layers of laughter for multi-layered comedies. So for those who only want humorous support on the intellectual jokes can have that, and those who only care for the adolescent jokes can have their pick.
Brummo, Oct 07 2003

       Donkey braying. All the time.
lubbit, Oct 07 2003


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