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Evangelical backmasking

Get out the doog drow! Nrob si tsirhc!
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There was a stil some decades ago with the proposition that Satanic messages might be recorded backwards and concealed in popular music. It was never clear to me what might motivate someone to do this. Presumably the motive was evangelical, to subliminally urge people to worship the devil. If this sort of thing is effective, perhaps mainstream religion should adopt the tactic as well, exhorting people to worship, tithe, treat each other well, wear long dresses or whatever other message was deemed suitable for the format.

Evangelical backmasking would of course be appropriate in religious themed music - Christian rock being a candidate. Music from other parts of the world might likewise be jiggered to contain backwards spiritual urging: example might be Bollywood songs or African dance music. Live music would be tricky but perhaps specially trained cantors could learn backwards verse and sing them quietly as a counterpoint to the main forward song.

bungston, Feb 03 2010

Satanic backmasking http://en.wikipedia...Satanic_backmasking
[bungston, Feb 03 2010]

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       The artist formerly known as did this once.
nineteenthly, Feb 03 2010

       This doesn't stop organized (christian, satanic, whatever) religion from getting more power. sekil on eM.
Pericles, Feb 04 2010

       So let's get this straight.   

       Satanic backmasking involves reversed recordings of holy sacred Christian phrases or quotations, such as the Lords' Prayer.   

       Therefore, Evangelical backmasking logically involves incorporating into hymns and gospel songs, reversed recordings of the names of demons, praise to lucifer, and necromantic curses and spells.
pocmloc, Feb 05 2010

       If you embed it into Christian rock music and then play it backwards to hear the hidden message, surely the rest of the track now becomes backwards and fires into your subconscious mind. Waaah!
kodabar, Feb 05 2010

       The first actual example of this I encountered was on a 33RPM record circa 1974.   

       When you put the turntable in neutral and spun the disk backwards by hand the message revealed was "Respect your parents, clean your room, do your homework".
normzone, Feb 05 2010

       I was expecting back masking.
Riki, Feb 07 2010

       Nah, most evangelicals have too much hair on their backs, having never evolved.
RayfordSteele, Feb 08 2010


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