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Expandable Car

Expandable car, so you never have to carry empty seats
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Have you ever noticed the wasted space in cars? Ever noticed how many cars in traffic jams have only one person in them and yet have three OR MORE empty seats? Well the expandable car would solve this. When takinig the family out for a Sunday drive, the Expandable Car would work just like a normal car. Come Monday morning though, the centre of the car unbolts, and can be removed. Joining the front and boot together forms a small car, taking up less space and saving fuel. Buying additional bolt-on segments will let you and all of your friends travel in comfort and the spell the end of convoys.
suninkid, Apr 09 2001

Patent for a modular vehicle http://www.freepate...ne.com/5401056.html
Modular vehicle constructed of front, rear and center vehicular sections [fungowski, Jul 13 2009]

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       Modern cars know when doors are open and seatbelts undone, so it should know if it was going to fall apart. Surely it could be built and structural integrity maintained? It is frequent for ocean liners to have mid-sections welded in to increase berth so why can't small cars have mid sections added temporarily?
suninkid, Apr 09 2001

       like lego bricks...
Zali, Jan 02 2003

       Interesting but the added weight would be oppressive, but (+) for originality.
MisterQED, Jul 13 2009

       +. I did see a car on tv which looks kind of like a mini, but it electronically adjusts its length to become 2 or 4 seater. Good for parking.
danman, Jul 13 2009


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