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Eye bezels

Here's looking at you.
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Autumn, and commuting in the dark means lots of headlights. Jazz up yours with the new Eye bezels from BUNGCO! These nifty transparent plastic overlays tint your headlight blue, pink and white to form the shape of an eye. Choose from "Baby Blues", "Tiger","Gator", "Sleepy" and many more. Now your car will look like a charging beast to oncoming cars!
bungston, Nov 10 2005

Custom Headlight covers http://www.planetsu...adlight_Covers.html
Here's a small selection of custom headlight covers that could be installed on your motorcyle where street legal. Click on the individual bike brands for a closer look at the variety of eye designs and colorations available. "Menacing" and "Bloodshot" seem to be the most popular. [jurist, Nov 10 2005]

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       It's a lovely idea - They could wink at you as well or start crying if your car got emotional, but I think I've already seen these.... Rats ! but giving you a big plus anyway
xenzag, Nov 10 2005

       Ewww! Your car has pinkeye! Stay away from me..
Canuck, Nov 10 2005

       "No, I don't know where I am! For the last twenty minutes I've been following a cross-eyed Yugo!"
lurch, Nov 10 2005


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