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FA:FO Interstate Signage

Fuck Around: Find Out Warning Signs to Advise Travellers
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Thinking of a motel-style bit of signage near highway exits to towns with a particular brand of trouble awaiting newcomers or thrill seekers. A town or district's FA:FO rating could be based on several inputs. Demographics of the town, i.e., the ratio of unindicted to paroled residents. Various statistics from organized law enforcement reporting services, like those already published in security industry briefs. Insurance industry claim or actuarial records.

Illustrative example: I'm a traveling felon seeking a rest stop, and come upon a small town. Perfect! Then I see the FA:FO sign six miles out, that reads FA:FO "FULL". Oh, crap! Either I take my chances that 75% of the town's occupants can't associate with one another as a condition of their probation, or I have a 1:5 chance of getting jacked before I get both feet out of my car. No thanks! I'll gas up by the freeway instead and move quietly along.

reensure, Jan 19 2023

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