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Fantabulous Projector Windows

With new plastics, you can tint a window clear or white.
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Given that you can take a certain plastic film and when you run a current through the plastic, it becomes opague.

So, you put this plastic on the inside of a floor to ceiling window. Install a switch at the entrance to the room that turns on your movie projector AND your window opacifier.

Voila, what was a window now provides an excellent white surface for your projector, removing the natural light from the room so you can focus on your movie.

Hamster Powered, Jan 18 2007

Image projection display screen employing polymer dispersed liquid crystal layer and electrochromic layer http://www.freepate...ne.com/5416617.html
This patent seems to be describing a similar installation of electrochromic ("smart") glazing and projected imagery. [jurist, Jan 19 2007]

Heliodisplay http://www.betamind...M2_How_it_works.pdf
This display projects images onto a floating mid-air screen created from water vapour/droplets. [zen_tom, Jan 19 2007]

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       are you a window cleaner? how much for front and back?
po, Jan 18 2007

       white is not the best colour for projecting unto - in fact it is a particular shade of grey
xenzag, Jan 18 2007

       I don't know. Do I look like a businessman? I just invent stuff. : )   

       @po: I think it's just a clear plastic film that, when you run electricity through it, it turns opague. Not much power is needed either.
Hamster Powered, Jan 19 2007

       White isn't the best color but it works very well. The only thing that concerns me is the neighbors seeing the reverse image of the projector from outside of my house. So I could think that I am watching.. ahem.. adult oriented material in privacy and complete anonymity only for my neighbors to be looking at me strangely the next morning as I go out to work.
Jscotty, Jan 19 2007


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